Drawing Review

Drawing Design


Drawing Review

Content Sf Meeting
Review the complete coordination of the complete design drawings of the product with the attached accessories, replacement design drawings and related technical documents.

Correctness Review
Whether tolerance requirements have been marked on the drawing, including dimensional tolerances and shape tolerances and position tolerances.

Raw Materials Review
Whether the raw materials can be purchased as common materials, if not, whether the procurement cycle affects the order.

Size Review
Whether can recognize and understand all key dimensions and dependencies, and whether can do all the size requirements.

Technical Requirements
Whether can fully understood the technical requirements in the drawings, and the technical requirements are based on whether our current supplier's processes and equipment have been met.

Process Flow
Whether the assembly process is reasonable and whether there are suggestions for improvement.

Materials Package
Whether there are parts and shapes that are easily deformed during the processing or transportation of the product.
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haida product service