Zhao xiyou, senior colonel of the people's liberation of China, assisted haida in applying universal material testing machine to airborne materials test, professor of an air force college/research master research supervisor;Main attack direction: air force airdrop buffer package;Research results: research on materials and techniques for umbrella free air drop buffering

Xiang hong, assisted in the development of ISTA packaging monitoring instrument, in which the buffering material testing machine technology has surpassed the international advanced level and graduated from the department of engineering physics and physics of tsinghua university

Wang yaxing, major general of the people's liberation army, assisted haida to improve the mechanical testing equipment to the  professostandard requirements of the national army, which was applied to the testing of military materials;Associater of senior university of national defense technology, postgraduate tutor;Research on mechanical properties of composite materials:

Shi changyan, coach haida to establish the measurement self-inspection system, factory equipment to reach the third-party measurement standards;Chief engineer of Chinese academy of metrology;Vice President of China weighing apparatus association;Committee of science and technology of state bureau of quality and technical supervision

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