Which faults of tensile testing machine need to contact the manufacturer?

Which faults of tensile testing machine need to contact the manufacturer?

Which faults of tensile testing machine need to contact the manufacturer ? As a large , diverse functional device--Tensile testing machine , generally at the factory before shipment quality inspection will be carried out , but not a hundred percent sure there exists an error or a fault occurs , then what problems arise in the test, the user is needed ontact the factory , so the manufacturers to deal with it:
1. when the card is damaged, contact the manufacturer to replace .
2. the test system prompt enter the registration code , software testing parts of the system data loss, virus software, garbled or need the software to add new features
3. sensors, force calibration values ??when needed
4. overload during use , the sensor was damaged

If we use the equipment more than four questions can contact the manufacturer to find , come to understand the following routine maintenance under tensile testing machine :

1. the control thermostat timers and other ministries Table ﹑ functional parts on the panel, to prevent drowning , local or dust spilled oil off a lot of places together or corrosive vapors or gases and other places set up outside the house and prolonged exposure to sunlight direct local use .
2. the compressor and switching the power switch , the switch can not be continuous in a short time more preferably 5 minutes or longer , otherwise the compressor is easy to freeze damage .
3. during the test , when the test chamber door must be opened first turn off the power , to avoid danger.
4. if used continuously for a long time , or open the test chamber doors , the test chamber will produce frost , frost must be removed before the test .
5. when the test is completed , be sure to turn off the power and remove the frost , avoid water freezing , impact tests.
6. regularly wipe the device , arranged custodian responsibilities , as there can not be resolved , please contact the manufacturer for an exception to exclude .
7. the correct use of equipment in accordance with operating instructions .

Tensile testing machine which faults need to contact the manufacturer ? If you encounter the above four questions can contact the manufacturers bought also welcome to call us and we 

will solve the problem for you to reduce unnecessary economic losses.