What are the precautions for the operation of the universal testing machine?

What is a universal testing machine? Many people have big questions about it. If a testing machine is a device for testing something, can the universal testing machine measure anything? In fact, it is not. It is a mechanical testing machine for measuring metals, non-metals and other materials. It is a testing machine with multiple functions such as stretching, bending, and testing.
Do you know that you need to pay attention to these when operating the universal testing machine?

Many people don't understand the universal testing machine. Therefore, when operating the testing machine, the operator must first understand the universal testing machine. Only by understanding the universal testing machine can the equipment be better operated.

1. Turn on the power first, but before turning on the power, check whether the equipment has a line problem. If the line is faulty, it is best not to use it to avoid safety accidents.

2. If there is no problem with the universal testing machine, select the measurement range according to the material, adjust the handle on the pendulum rod, and align it with the standard line. What needs to be noted here is the alignment of the standard line. If the standard line cannot be aligned, the measurement result will be affected.

3. According to the shape and size of the sample, insert the corresponding chuck into the upper and lower jaws to ensure that the tested material can be fixed on the equipment.

4. On the drum of the universal testing machine's tracer, the rolled recording paper used must record data during the test. If the universal testing machine's recording paper is not available, it will affect the final test result.

5. After the current work is ready, turn on the motor, unscrew the oil delivery valve to make the test bed rise by 10 mm, and then close it. But if the test bench has reached the standard position before, there is no need to turn on the motor.

6. Start the oil pump and pay attention to the pointer aligning to the zero point, otherwise the test results of the equipment will be seriously affected during the test.

7. When the universal testing machine is in the process of testing, the equipment cannot be adjusted at will. This will cause problems in the measured data. Therefore, the equipment must not be adjusted at will during the measurement. All adjustments should be made before the equipment is not working to ensure that the equipment is measured. The accuracy of the data.