What are the determinants that affect the accuracy of the universal test machine

universal test machine is also called tensile testing machine or universal material testing machine. Tensile testing of tensile testing machine: Tensile test (stress-strain test) is generally to clamp the two ends of the material sample on two clamps separated by a certain distance. The two clamps separate and stretch the sample at a certain speed, and measure the stress change on the sample until the sample is broken. What are the decisive factors that affect the accuracy of the tensile machine? What problems should be paid attention to when using it?
1. The decisive factors affecting the accuracy of the tensile machine

1. Screw: The screw clearance is too large, or if the lubrication is insufficient, the data of the test machine made is inaccurate;

2. Transmission system: At present, most of the common belt transmission gears or reducers are on the market. If the reducer is not lubricated enough, it will also affect the accuracy of the experiment;

3. Sensor: The quality of the sensor and whether the performance is stable are also the decisive factors that determine the accuracy of the tensile testing machine;

4. Power source: the speed tensile testing machine affected by the rotation speed of the motor is the result of the natural influence on the speed.

The quality of a tensile testing machine is good or not, and the accuracy is accurate. Its hardware equipment must pass the customs. The tensile testing machine professionally produced by Jinan Kairui has quality assurance and fair price.

Second, the problems that should be paid attention to when using the tensile testing machine

If you want to get a very good use effect when using the tensile testing machine, you need to have a very comprehensive understanding of the equipment in the process of using these equipment. Only after dealing with these aspects can we get the best equipment use effect from it.

The understanding of the equipment can enable us to obtain very good equipment use effects, so as to ensure that we can bring ourselves the best equipment use effects. I believe that once these aspects are dealt with, the function of the tensile testing machine will be able to get the best performance. With these guarantees, it will inevitably enable us to get the best equipment to use.

Before using any testing machine, everyone must fully understand the product so as to better realize the man-machine running-in during the operation. Thereby improving production efficiency.