What Are The Commonly Used Testing Machines For Rubber And Plastic Materials?

What are the commonly used testing machines for rubber and plastic materials? What are the commonly used testing instruments for rubber and plastic materials? Many rubber and plastic manufacturers are not yet clear, which common testing instruments are needed, why they are needed, and which rubber and plastic properties are specifically tested. The following Haida instruments list the following commonly used testing instruments to help you understand in detail.

1. Constant temperature and humidity test chmaber


The constant temperature and humidity test chamber tests whether the rubber and plastic materials have qualitative changes and cannot be used normally under different environmental changes (such as high heat, low cold, dryness, and high humidity).

2. Rubber universal tensile testing machine
The rubber tensile testing machine is used to accurately determine the tensile strength, tensile strength, and elongation (elongation) of rubber. A large deformation tool, elastic modulus, yield strength, etc. need to be added.

3. Rubber yellowing resistance test chmaber


Rubber yellowing aging test chamber: It can be used for hot air aging test of rubber and plastic products, electrical insulation and other materials. It is suitable for testing the performance of the sample after aging in the air under high temperature and atmospheric pressure, and measuring its performance and comparing with the performance of the unaged sample, so as to determine the high temperature aging resistance of the product or component.

4. Rubber low temperature brittleness testing machine

The rubber low temperature brittleness testing machine is to determine the maximum temperature of the vulcanized rubber when the sample is damaged under impact under the specified conditions, that is, the brittleness temperature, which can be used for comparative evaluation of the performance of plastics and other elastic materials under low temperature conditions. The brittleness temperature and low temperature of different rubber materials or vulcanized rubbers of different formulas can be measured.

5. Drying Oven

During the actual use and storage of rubber and plastic materials, the performance of the material will often decay with time. The prediction of the aging life of rubber materials is mainly to establish the relationship between the change in material performance and the temperature change at high temperature, and calculate its use. life.