Uu Viet Bedding and Mattresses PTY Ltd----Universal Test Machine for Foam

Uu Viet Bedding and Mattresses PTY Ltd

Cooperation products

HD-B604-S Universal Test Machine for Foam

HD-F764 Integrated Mattress Test Machine

HD-F750-1 Foam Pounding Fatigue Tester

HD-F750-4 Foam Permanent Compression Tester

HD-F754 Foam Rebound Tester

First of all, Uu Viet Bedding and Mattresses PTY Ltd would like to send our warmest greetings and sincere thank to our partner and customer all over the world for supporting us through 24 years of business..

Uu Viet bedding and mattresses, with 24 years of experience in designing and manufacturing bedding products.. Our products have received high trust from customers, partners, hotel and resort projects in domestic and international market. We are keep improving and continuing to enhence the quality and services to exceed beyond customer’expectation.

Together with a team of skilled workers, under the guidance of experienced foreign technical experts combined with imported raw materials from USA, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Europe ... Improving product Quality is our main goal. The products are of the best quality, beautiful designs, diversified, and sold widely in branches, shops and agents all over the country, and exported to many countries such as USA, Australia, Japan, Korea. Europe.