UTM Series: (10 QS)---Universal tensile test machine

                               UTM Series: (10 QS)---Universal tensile test machine

Q1:  What’s output testing result of your UTM?

A1:  With control panel, output testing result usually are max. Testing force/testing strength.

With PC, output testing result can be set-up accordingly, such as max. testing force/elongation rate/tensile strength/yield strength/young's modulus and so on.


Q2:  May I know whether your UTM just meet windows 7 system?

A2:  Don’t worry. Our machine can both meet windows 7/10 system.


Q3:  Whether there is English manual to guide us operation?

A3:  Of course, the manual will arrange shipping with the machine.


Q4:  How about your UTM could test PVC, PP or kinds of plastic?

A4:  Our machine could test different kinds of plastic but it will be better if you can provide different sample size to recommend suitable clamps.


Q5:  How about the different of Shear Adhesion Test under Room Temp and Constant Temp?

A5:  They are both to evaluate the retentive property of your tape sample. But for Shear Adhesion Test Constant Temp, the temperature range is room temperature-200℃ and you could set the temperature that you want.


Q6:  Whether your Universal Tensile Machine HD-B609D and HD-B609B-S both can do 90&180 degree peel?

A6:  Yes, but if you want to do tensile or elongation test, pls choose HD-B609B-S for enough test space.


Q7:  Could you inform UTM expendable parts or spare parts?

A7:  Spare parts: Load cell / Circuit Board / Motor.

(Remark: If customer buys wedge clamp, expendable part is jaws and we can recommend customer buy more set jaws)


Q8:  Could you UTM install more different load cells for different sample test?

A8:  Yes, our UTM can install different load cells. If you require to test different samples, we would like to know test sample material to provide suitable clamps.


Q9:  Could you provide calibrate certificate for UTM?

A9:  Yes, we can provide calibration certificate issued by our factory free but if you require the certificate issued by third party, it will cost 300USD.

(Remark: for UTM sourced from our supplier in Jinan, it will cost 500USD)


Q10:  How is your UTM calibration?

A10:  Actually machine will be calibrated before machine sends you. Normally calibration period is one year. When you require to calibrate, you contact us and we will send you calibration manual or arrange technician to support you by remote control service.