Update furniture testing standards:UL 4041:2018

Update Furniture Testing Standards:UL 4041:2018 

Nearly 3 million pieces of outdoor furniture were recalled between 2016 and 2018, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.These recalled outdoor furniture fully demonstrate that the products of this category need stricter testing and standards to promote the design and manufacturing of products to a higher level.

In collaboration with home depot and others, UL has developed the UL 4041 standard to evaluate the safety of outdoor furniture products.

The UL 4041 standard measures outdoor furniture in terms of corrosion, stability, strength, cutting and clamping (where people can get hurt), durability and durability.The standard helps manufacturers and retailers assess the safety of their products, reduce risks to consumers in the process of use, and inform consumers how to identify safer and more reliable outdoor furniture.

Alberto Uggetti, UL vice President and general manager of the environment and furniture division, said: "UL 4041 is a strict safety procedure designed to prevent accidents when consumers are using outdoor furniture in a normal way and to avoid damage caused by unreasonable and foreseeable misuse."

The UL4041 standard program will be approved as the ANSI standard in 2019, and is currently being used to evaluate outdoor furniture products.Home depot has applied the standard to certification of outdoor furniture products in 2019 and plans to extend it to all products that apply to the standard.UL4041 standard certification documents are applicable to outdoor furniture, including tables, chairs, multi-seat products, benches, hanging chairs, swings and lounge chairs.

The following is part of UL 4041:2018 outdoor furniture test project:

Table testing:

1. Stability test

2. Top load ease cycle test

3. Concentrated load test

4. Distributed load test

5. Table unit drop test

6. Leg strength test

7. Test for tables with casters

Chair testing

1. Stability tests

2. Backrest strength test - static - type I and II

3. Backrest strength test - static - type III

4. Drop test - dynamic

5. Swivel test - cyclic

6. Seating durability tests - cyclic

7. Arm strength test - vertical - static

8. Arm strength test - horizontal - static

9. Backrest durability test - cyclic - type I

10. Backrest durability test - cyclic - type II and III

11. Caster/chair base durability test for pedestal base chairs

12. Caster/chair frame durability test for chairs with legs

13. Leg strength test - front and side application

14. Footrest static load test - vertical

15. Footrest durability test - vertical - cyclic

Chaise lounge chair testing:

1. Chaise lounge chair stability test

2. Seating durability tests - cyclic

3. Arm strength test - vertical - static

4. Arm strength test - horizontal - static

5. Backrest durability test - cyclic

6. Leg strength test - front and side application

7. Lifting test for mobile chaise lounge chair

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