Universal Tensile Testing Machine For Testing Masks And Medical apparatus

Product Introduction:
 Universal tensile testing machine can do a variety of materials tensile test, tear test, stripping test and bonding test,and so on.

1.Used for testing the mechanical properties of various disposable masks and surgical masks

2.It is also widely used in the detection of medical instruments (anti-bending of injection needle, sharpness of scalpel, sliding performance of syringe, tightness of the body)

Conform to the standard
1. Yy0469-2011 surgical mask
2. YY/T 0969-2013 disposable surgical mask
3. GB/ t3923-2013 testing of tensile properties of textile fabrics

Product features
1.The clamping design method of imported instrument and fixture is adopted to avoid detection error caused by technical problems of operation.
2.Multiple fixture selection is convenient for multi-test project expansion.

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