To Understand The Purchase Of Several Reference Universal Tensile Testing Machine

There are a lot of purchasing departments about enterprises in the purchase of universal tensile testing machine may not know how to choose, choose how much capacity ? Single column or double column ? Touch screen control or computer control ?In fact, how to choose and buy pull machine from many aspects:

1. The tension range (maximum tensile strength) of the test material shall be considered.
The difference in the tension range of the tested material will determine the size of the sensor and the structure of the tensile tester, but this will have little impact on the price (except for the two-column model).For the average flexible packaging manufacturer, a maximum tension of 200N is sufficient. Therefore, a single column should be used. Ordinary, 5KN below the use of a single column type of tension, the maximum force more than 5KN should be selected double column type.(I'm not sure. You can contact customer service more often.)

2. Select the appropriate maximum stroke according to the test requirements
Generally, the maximum stroke is the distance between the upper and lower clamping devices (test stroke) + the upper clamping device height + the lower clamping device height + the sensor height. Because different test materials will choose different fixture, so select the fixture to know the specific test schedule. Different deformations of materials require different test runs. If the material is deformed by 600mm, the test stroke of 750mm-800mm should be considered. Since different materials are tested, it should be based on different test standards, and different test standards require different distances.
To the flexible packaging film needs to test the performance and requirements for example, travel in 600-800mm can be. If the material elongation is more than 1000%, you can choose to travel 1000 or 1200mm.

3. Control mode: LCD touch screen control and computer control
Meaning is to use the touch screen LCD touch screen (PC) to control the machine, the price is affordable, but function and output effect is better than the computer control, normally, we use the LCD display models to obtain some basic parameters, such as tensile strength, the most value, average, minimum, this result can be used thermal printer output. Computer is the use of computer control machine, it has a strong analytical function, usually can get all the results customers want, such as the maximum strength, elongation, tensile strength, tensile elongation, fixed elongation, yield strength, elastic modulus, maximum test force, yield point, modulus.......All the results and test curves can be output as word, excel, the user can easily edit, LCD display model can also show the test curve, but the computer model can collect more data, in this state, if you want to accurately test curve, should choose the computer model.

4. Fixture selection

Generally speaking, the tension machine through the replacement of different jig, can achieve one machine multi-purpose, specific can achieve stretching, compression, bending, tearing, shearing, 180 degrees of stripping, 90 degrees of stripping and other different test functions.

5. Test speed

Generally speaking, some equipment in the market is in 10~500 mm/min, some in 0.1~500 mm/min, the former generally use the ordinary speed control system, the cost is low, rough impact on the accuracy;The latter USES the servo system, the price is expensive, the precision is high, to the flexible packaging enterprise, the choice of the servo system, the speed range of 1~500mm/min is enough, so both do not affect the accuracy, the price and in a reasonable range.

6. Measurement accuracy
Precision problems, including force accuracy, velocity accuracy, deformation accuracy, displacement accuracy. These precision values are up to plus or minus 0.5.But for general manufacturers, 1% accuracy is enough. In addition, the resolution of force value can be almost 100 thousand.

7. Main configuration of product machinery
Drive, screw drive and rack drive, the former is expensive, for high precision, high test repeatability; The latter is cheap for low accuracy and low test repeatability.
Lead screw, has the decisive function to the tension precision measurement. General ball screw, trapezoidal screw, general screw. Among them, the ball screw precision is the highest, but its performance to play the computer servo system operation to play, the whole set of price is also relatively expensive.

Transmission, there are gear transmission and chain transmission, the former is expensive, for high precision; The latter is cheap and is used for low accuracy. Sensor, the main cost lies in the life, photoelectric induction is one of the more advanced technology, generally can be used more than 100,000 times, import and domestic part of the joint venture manufacturers can achieve. The tensile property of plastic and rubber is one of the most important and fundamental properties of its mechanical properties, which largely determines the usage of the plastic and rubber. The tensile properties can be tested by tensile tests.

8. Pre-sales and after-sales service
Service is an important evaluation standard of a manufacturer's brand reputation, this standard is not only by the eyes to see, to see whether the manufacturer is professional, whether the pre-sale can help us to solve the problem of technical selection, whether the after-sales guarantee, whether in a timely manner.Brand competitiveness is on the one hand, the manufacturer's actual production service guarantee is very important on the other hand.
In summary, the purchase of tension tester also needs to mainly carefully observe some relevant data to identify the good or bad, only the purchase of the correct tension machine, for the real work, to the greatest extent to help achieve the best effect.Of course, the purchase of the tension machine to see their own specific needs of the tension machine is what, and more consulting customer service.