The extensiveness of the tensile testing machine for metallic or nonmetallic testing

    Tensile testing machine with professional terms to introduce, it is used for mechanical force on the material for static load, tension, compression, bending, shear, stripping and other mechanical properties of the experimental analysis data obtained a qualified international standard data.

          In layman's terms, a tension machine is an instrument that can provide upward and downward adjustable velocity motion, and can perform tensile, compression, shearing, bending, tearing, 90° or 120° stripping, two-point extension and other tests on non-metallic and metallic materials.

          Pull machine is now in the factory or industry and the laboratory to use the most common testing instrument, every product production, can not leave the product testing and testing, such as the production of shoes, to its viscosity, the hardness of shoes, shoes wear test data analysis and so on.

          Some people will ask, specific which is nonmetal, here small make up for example: rubber, plastic, film, textile, fiber, polymer materials, composite materials, safety belt, tape, alloy materials and other.

          Know the tension machine application field is to metal or non-metal between a variety of force relations under the detection instrument, so can know from its application field of its application industry: tension machine is widely used in the measurement of quality control, rubber plastics, metallurgical steel;Machinery manufacturing, electronic appliances, automobile production, textile chemical fiber, wire and cable;Packaging materials and foodstuffs;Instrumentation;Medical devices, aviation industry, institutions of higher learning, scientific research laboratories, commodity inspection and arbitration, and technical supervision departments;Building materials ceramics;Petrochemical industry;Other industries.

          With the continuous development of science and technology and the development of various industries, the pull machine equipment has put forward more and more new requirements, so that the pull machine in each industry is playing a more and more important role.