The Different Types Of Plastics And Their Classifications (3)----Tensile Test Machine

The Different Types Of Plastics And Their Classifications (3)

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Plastic marked with an SPI code of 6 is made withpolystyrene, also known as PS and most commonly known asStyrofoam. PS can be recycled, but not efficiently; recycling it takes a lot of energy, which means that few places accept it. Disposable coffee cups, plastic food boxes, plastic cutlery, packing foam, and packing peanuts are made from PS. Recycled PS is used to make many different kinds of products, including insulation, license plate frames, and rulers.



The SPI code of 7 is used to designate miscellaneous types of plastic that are not defined by the other six codes.Polycarbonate and polylactide are included in this category.These types of plastics are difficult to recycle. Polycarbonate, or PC, is used in baby bottles, large water bottles (multiple-gallon capacity), compact discs, and medical storage containers. Recycled plastics in this category are used to make plastic lumber, among other products.

SPI codes can be confusing for anyone unfamiliar with them or the different kinds of plastic they identify. However, learning about them can help consumers make more informed decisions related to their health and help recyclers sort their plastics more effectively. Remember, informed consumers can demand that plastics manufacturers provide better products. So keep these plastic classification numbers and plastic types in mind, and don’t forget to put your newfound knowledge to use -- always check a product’s classification code prior to recycling it or re-using it!


There are eight sets machine very popular in plastic industry as below:


-Melt Flow Index Tester

-Plastic Universal Test Machine 

-Chary & Izod Impact Test Machine

-HDT Vicat Test Machine

-UV Weathering Test Machine

-Plastic Calorimeter (OIT Tester/DSC)

-Plastic pipe impact tester

-Pipe Hydrostatic Pressure and Burst Testing Machine Different Types Of Plastics And Their Classifications.pdf