Relocation of new factory----Haida new starting point - Da Luosha

Since its establishment, Haida Equipment Co., Ltd. has achieved brilliant results step by step. With the further expansion of the company, in order to meet the production needs, the company will reach a new level. At the end of September 2019, the factory will be relocated to the new factory in the Daluo Dasha Industrial Zone.

Through the hard work of Haida people, give up the holiday to help move the factory. Haida has completed the relocation of the new factory in October. The new factory was officially put into use. Welcome to visit our new factory.

Haida has gone through 15 years of glory, the new factory is our new starting point, the future Haida will become more and more powerful, and become a nationally renowned testing Equipment platform!
Need to test instruments, remember to find Haida~