Product Introduction-----Computerized Universal Test Machine HD-B604-S

Nowadays, technology is more and more developed, and people are traveling more and more, but it is more convenient to drive. Cars are almost a necessity for our travel. Whether you are traveling across the city, going to work on weekends or on weekends, you can use your car. Then the quality of the car is particularly important at this time. In particular, protective components in automobiles, such as airbags and seat belts. These will be related to the driver's personal safety.

These two safety weapons belts, which are especially important, are even more important. The seat belt ensures that the driver will not be knocked out of the vehicle for secondary damage in the event of a collision.

Then someone will ask how much tension the seat belt can withstand? If the speed is too fast, the impact is very strong, will the seat belt break? With questions, we asked Haida double-column tensile testing machine.


Computerized Universal Test Machine is widely used in wires & cables, hardware, metal, rubber, footwear, leather, apparel, fabric, tape paper products, pharmacy and so on, for tensile strength, tear resistance, peel strength, bend strength, shear force , ect with different fixtures according to national and international standards customer required.

Computerized Universal Test Machine is a kind of electric tensile tester which uses the motor to drive ball screw to move fixture. Place the fixture with sample between the upper and lower fixture, use a given speed to pull sample upward by upper fixture. Load cell above upper fixture will sense tensile strength, and convert the strength into voltage sign and output to the display screen. And the strength value will be displayed automatically.

Here, Haida also appeals to all of you to drive your car. It is not convenient for you to be greedy. You must always fasten your seat belts to ensure that you are safe.