Product Introduction----200T Steel Tensile Test Machine

The theme restaurant will definitely be there. When you talk about the theme restaurant, you will definitely know the world's first sky restaurant "Brussels of Belgium". This restaurant is a superb upper dining restaurant with a crane that hovers the restaurant to an altitude of 50 meters. The entire dining table is 9 meters long and 5 meters wide. Each time, 22 customers can be accommodated to go to dinner. Only one crane is needed to hang them up.

Is it very exciting! But don't forget the security issue. The steel wire of the crane must be tested for quality. In this respect, the Haida 200T large tonnage tensile machine can help you.


Steel tensile test machine are powerful tension test machines that specializes in metal, including tensile wedges, mechanical or hydraulic fixtures, and clamps or tongs compatible with hard steel metal testing samples.Tensile test machine can be used for mechanical properties testing of various materials such as drawing, compression, bending, shearing, tearing, peeling,etc.

Steel tensile test machine can be used in a wide variety of steel products such as metal steel, carbon steel chain, steel plate, steel bar, cable, steel strand, pipe, casting, forgings, fasteners, sheet, aluminum foil, thick plate and many other steel products and steel billets, hot rolled strip and welded plate.

Your safety Haida is your guardian, Haida makes you eat safely, eat safely and have fun!