Plastic Universal Tensile Test Machine

Now more and more different types of tension machines appear. For the selection of tension machines, you need to choose what fixtures to configure for the tension machine according to the content you need to test.

According to the tensile test materials, plastic plates, pipes, profiles, plastic films and rubber, wire and cable, steel, fiberglass and other materials are tested.

From the mechanical properties test items of the tensile machine, such as: doing various test tests such as tensile, compression, bending, shearing, tearing, peeling and so on.

If you are testing material is plastic, then you buy a tensile machine is to choose a plastic tensile machine. Why choose so precisely? First of all, the tensile machine can test a variety of materials such as metals, pipes, wires and cables. Different materials have different characteristics. It is necessary to adjust the technical parameters of the tensile machine and the shape of the fixture according to the test materials.

We can see from the mechanical performance test items of the tensile machine that the tensile machine can do a variety of mechanical performance tests. Then, it is impossible to use the same accessory fixture for different test projects, so Haida recommends our plastic universal tensile test machine to you. 

In the production of plastics and manufacturing processes, plastics need to be tested to a certain standard. This is the need for professional laboratory instruments. Among them, the plastic material tensile testing machine is one of the tensile testing instruments. Most of them are used in the plastics and rubber industries. Different fixtures can detect various tests.

Plastic universal tensile test machine is a tensile testing instrument specially for testing plastic materials. There are many types of plastic. Plastic material tensile machine HD-B617-S is a single-column tensile testing machine. It is a combination of electronic technology, software technology and mechanical transmission. New type material testing machine; equipped with force value test system of world-renowned brands, providing better than 0.5-level force value accuracy, better repeatability, more flexible testing, equipped with world-famous brand servo operation system, equipped with precision ball screws Shaft positioning technology provides displacement accuracy better than 0.5 grade, stepless speed regulation, easy to use, more stable operation; can be connected to a computer and operated in windows mode.

Plastic universal tensile test machine