Maintenance Of Tensile Testing Machine

The tensile testing machine can be used for tensile and pressure testing of metal or non-metallic test items. It has a wide range of applications and is most used in industrial production and quality inspection. When the tensile testing machine is often used, it often needs regular maintenance. Since the tensile testing machine is a precision mechanical testing instrument, daily maintenance is a necessary work.
The routine maintenance work of the tensile testing machine includes the cleaning of the machine, the inspection and maintenance of the components, the lubrication of the components, and the tension. The maintenance process of the tensile test machine is as follows:
1, the machine part, the appearance is often wiped to keep clean.
2. Please wipe the electroplated part with engine oil or anti-rust oil to prevent rust and keep bright.
3. The drive screw and screw part should be filled with grease every three months to ensure the sensitivity of the drive. 4. It is forbidden to get water on the controller and lower part of the machine to prevent damage to the electronic components.
5. Please place all fixtures and joint accessories properly, and wipe the anti-rust oil to prevent rust.
Cleaning the machine is a work that needs to be performed after each test. Clean the test materials and articles after the test of the tensile test machine, keep the machine clean and tidy, remove surface dust and debris from the test sample, so as not to affect the tensile test. Machine for normal use.
The inspection and maintenance of the components of the tensile tester are also very important. After each test, check each component to see if there is any wear and tear, so as not to affect the accuracy of the tensile test. Replace the components that are found in a timely manner. Lubricants are added to protect these easily worn parts. After each test, the jig must be disassembled, and its appearance should be inspected, and then it should be stored in the package without obvious problems.