Large Stroke Single Column Tensile Machine Help You Resist Heavy Rain

 Large Stroke Single Column Tensile Machine Help You Resist Heavy Rain

Umbrellas are essential thing when it rains. Many times when the wind is heavy and rainy, the umbrellas on our hands often cannot withstand the baptism of the wind and the rain, and may be leaking with support. At this time, although you are holding Umbrella, but your body is still wet.


In fact, this is because of the problem of the use of umbrellas. The material of the umbrella is tested by mechanical properties such as stretching, bending, tearing, etc. If your umbrella does not pass these tests, it is normal to get wet. At this time I want to recommend a mechanic test machine for everyone. HD-B617-S large stroke single column tensile machine.

Product Features:

1. Motor system: Panasonic servo motor +Servo driver +High precise ball screw (Taiwan)

2. Control system: a, computer control with TM2101 software; b, Back to origin automatically after the test, c, store data automatically or by manual operation

3. Data transmission: RS232

4. Displacement resolution: 0.001mm

5. Graph scale automatic optimization can make graph to display with best measurement and can implement graphics dynamic switching in the test and has force-elongation, force- time, elongation -time, stress - strain.

6. It can save results automatically after test finished, and it is manual filing. It can display maximum force, yield strength, compressive strength, tensile strength, elongation, peel interval maximum, minimum and average, etc.

7. User can set parameters of product material such as length, width, thickness, radius, area and so on.

8. Many languages random switching: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and English.

The instrument is capable of tensile and bending tests on samples of the umbrella and has a large stroke without worrying about incomplete testing.