Introduction Of Common Fixtures For Tensile Testing Machines

Introduction of common fixtures:

The reason why the tensile testing machine is called "universal tensile testing machine" is mainly due to the different fixtures configured, so that the tensile testing machine has a wide range of uses, such as rubber, plastic, film, fabric, metal, wire and other industries. Test mechanical properties such as tensile, elongation, compression, shearing, tearing and peeling. It can automatically detect the maximum force value, yield force value, breaking force value, maximum deformation amount and yield elongation of the material.

1. "90 degree peeling jig" and "180 degree peeling jig" are suitable for peeling test of adhesive tape, adhesive and film. The 180 degree peeling jig is also called "aluminum flat jig".(The left side of the figure below is a 90 degree peeling jig, and the right side is a 180 degree peeling jig.)


2. "Wedge-shaped fixture" is generally used for tensile testing of relatively hard products, such as metal, which is generally a sheet material.

3. The "three-point bending fixture" is used for the three-point bending test of the product, and the mechanical properties of three-point bending and bending are tested in conjunction with the tensile and compression testing machine. Test all kinds of metal plastic products.

4. "Aluminum fine tooth fixture" is used to measure the tensile strength, and this fixture is generally used for tensile test with small strength.

5. "Iron-made fine tooth fixture" is used to measure the tensile strength, and is generally used for large strength, such as 200kg.