Hydraulic univesal tensile testing machine

In our daily life, we often release all kinds of pressure in life and work through games. Nowadays, many young people play video games on weekends or after work. They are not necessarily addicted, but they just want to relax themselves in their own time.However, in the era when electronic games are still underdeveloped, many people will choose to go out for travel. They will go to amusement parks with their children or in groups and groups. In amusement parks, there are all kinds of motor games.One game is one of the most exciting is bungee jumping, bungee jumping such games have a lot of people did not dare to play or not trust, because it is only a rope tied down your foot, you will worry about whether he will disconnect, so their will be destroyed, but also controlled meters or several hundred meters high air, doubt is also normal.In order to ensure the safety of the game, it is very important to check the equipment , rope and protection equipment testing, if you reach the limit of fatigue, and you are still playing, there is a great chance of accident.Therefore, a precise testing instrument is needed. Haida  hydraulic univesal tensile testing machine is an important instrument to accurately detect internal and external defects of components.
 Hydraulic univesal tensile testing machine is mainly used to execute the tension, compression, bending, shearing etc. test for metal materials. Attached simple accessories and devices, it can be used to achieve many kinds of mechanical performances.The oil cylinder is at the bottom of the load frame, tension space is at the upside of the load frame, compression and bending space is between lower crosshead and working table. The lower crosshead is driven by motor through decelerator, chain transmission device and screw pair, so realize the adjustment of testing space.

Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine adopts oil pressure transducer to measure load, use computer control & display load.

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