How to deal with the displacement system fault of tensile testing machine

                             How to deal with the displacement system fault of tensile testing machine

The measurement of displacement not only provides important data for improving product quality and production safety, but also provides the basis for other parameter detection.

In tensile machine, machine tensile test, universal material testing machine, the traditional static electro-hydraulic measurement control mode can not meet the current hydraulic system in performance, operation, on-line monitoring and fault diagnosis, so the online monitoring and analysis system development is particularly important. If it is found that the displacement system failure must be dealt with in a timely manner, if you can solve their own, if not processing, you can call up to Instrument Co., Ltd. to assist, Division I throughout the country have a post-sale network.

In the instrument to deal with such problems, there are three major categories of causes, we give you list out, we targeted to the symptomatic treatment: 1. First check the tensile machine, tensile testing machine, universal material testing machine displacement sensor. Since the tension machine displacement system is a three-closed-loop control method, the loop in the displacement system should be disconnected first so that it becomes an open-loop system.

Then measure the feedback value of the displacement sensor, repeat several times, the measured sensor feedback data is a linear change of the line, to determine whether the sensor is normal. 2. Then check the amplifier unit.

If the displacement sensor is not a problem, should focus on the tension machine amplifier unit, the normal amplifier unit output signal should be a linear trend. 3. If the failure is not caused by the above reasons, check that the computer software is set correctly, or re-calibrate and calibrate the displacement system.