How To Choose A Tensile Testing Machine?

The Product Introduction Of Tensile Testing Machine:

Tensile testing machine is also known as universal material testing machine, as the name implies, can be used for a variety of industries for a variety of materials for mechanical testing, such as plastic sheet, pipe, profile, plastic film and rubber, wire and cable, steel, glass fiber.

How to choose a tensile testing machine?

1. The tension range of materials to be tested should be considered first
The different tension range determines the different sensors used, which also determines the structure of the tension machine. For general flexible packaging manufacturers, the use of a single column can be. Corresponding to the single column structure is the double column structure, which is adapted to a relatively large tension, such as 1T or above. Flexible packaging manufacturers basically do not need. Our Haida single column type can be installed up to 200kg of sensors, small table easy to place.

2. Test schedule
According to the customer's material needs, we can meet different mechanical test performance and requirements, and accept customized, test trip can be increased.

3. Standard configuration
Intelligent three basic configuration: mainframe, microcomputer, and printer, if the microcomputer function can be printed directly. Also can be equipped with ordinary computers. With a computer, complex data analysis can be carried out, such as data editing, local amplification, adjustable report format, and statistical analysis in groups. Haida for the customer convenient and quick operation, to all kinds of models are equipped with lenovo computer, printer, plus 64 test motherboard + English and Chinese test software, so foreign customers do not have to worry about the operation test language barrier and other problems.

4. Output results
Test results the output results can be set arbitrarily: maximum power, elongation, tensile strength, yield strength, elastic modulus, maximum test force, etc. This can be said to be a microcomputer operation, the output of the more comprehensive results. The product of a few foreign manufacturers, can output these a few commonly. Our Haida equipment is not inferior to other manufacturers, the protection of load, bending modulus, peeling strength and so on is also completely no problem.

5. On the experimental items
Flexible packaging requires a multi-purpose tension machine, that is, on the basis of equipped with different fixtures, can do tensile, compression, bending, tearing, shearing, 180 degrees of stripping, 90 degrees of stripping test and other mechanical properties. For fixtures, we accept customization to meet your requirements, other industries can do a variety of different fixtures, beautiful fixtures, beautiful and durable.

6. Main configuration of product machinery
Drive, screw drive and rack drive, the former is expensive, for high precision, high test repeatability; The latter is cheap for low accuracy and low test repeatability. Lead screw, has the decisive function to the tension precision measurement. General ball screw, trapezoidal screw, general screw. Among them, the ball screw precision is the highest, but its performance to play the computer servo system operation to play, the whole set of price is also relatively expensive. The main cost of a sensor is its life span. Our Haida adopts imported precision ball screw drive. Matsushita servo motor, equipped with imported high-precision sensor, the price is moderate, is your ideal choice.

7. Test speed
Market equipment some in 10~500mm/min, some in 0.001~500mm/min, for flexible packaging enterprises, the choice of servo system, speed range of 1~500mm/min is enough, so both do not affect the accuracy, price and within a reasonable range. We have a variety of test speed combination of different prices, excellent quality and reasonable price, looking forward to your inquiry.

8. Measurement accuracy
Precision problems, including force accuracy, velocity accuracy, deformation accuracy, displacement accuracy. These precision values are up to 0.5 level. This is our company equipment is the basic requirements, you do not have to worry about choosing us. In addition, for our factory equipment, there is a one-year warranty period, lifetime service, salesman, technician, after-sales service for you the whole process.