Haida Teaches You How To Choose A Tensile Test Machine

With the rapid development of the Internet, major manufacturers are also showing their skills in online sales channels. It is also a headache for customers to choose the right tensile machine from the Internet, and to express some humble opinions on the related issues of tensile force.

As we all know, one price is one price. The tensile test machine is mainly composed of a motor, a worm reducer (now many products have combined the reduction and the motor), a screw rod, and an inverter on the appliance. If we say that the one-sided pursuit of cheapness is very simple, the motor can be replaced with a smaller power, even at full load, the inverter can be replaced with a cheaper one, and the screw can be replaced with a less accurate one. This way the machine can also run, and laymen can't see Good or bad, but as time goes by, the tensile machine wears out, and the product is prone to problems. The life of the product becomes shorter.
The one that suits you is the best. It is best to determine what test you are doing when selecting, what is the maximum force value, whether there is a requirement for the test speed, and it is best to inform you of the industry requirements that you need to test. salesperson. This will recommend the corresponding tensile machine according to your needs.

Our company's tensile machine products use the windows working platform, all parameter settings are processed in the form of dialog boxes, and the operation is simple; the software interface has three languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English, which is easy to switch; can test the test report mode and test. The data can be called directly in the main screen; the data of multiple curves can be selected at the same time by means of translation, time and displacement, displacement and force comparison; with multiple measurement units, metric and English can be switched; with automatic return function, with automatic Calibration function; with automatic or manual point test function; with automatic magnification function to achieve the most appropriate size of the graph; test speed can be set according to customer needs; with custom test method function, with test data operation analysis Function; automatically generate a test report, and print it out on A4 paper, with a graph or a word file.
Good quality manufacturers will provide you with a perfect after-sales service commitment, giving you a comfortable feeling of buying comfort.