Haida International Equipment Center Special Training Camp (Dongguan District) is here

A short two days and one night, a fast-paced two days and one night, a two days and one night of laughter and emotion, in "trust practice", "responsibility practice", "cohesion practice", "grateful practice", "leadership style" In interactive games such as "Exercise" and "Team Demeanor Show", under the flickering lights and exciting music, the comrades of the manufacturing center encouraged each other, uphold the spirit of never giving up, and finally completed the task.
What is trust?

Trust is the cornerstone of building a spiritual bridge, the key to open the door of the heart, and the most beautiful language between people.

The family members of Haida International Equipment Co., Ltd. believe that everyone feels deeply moving forward through two days and one night of expansion and study! In terms of sitting, it is better to start and walk. Although the road is far away, the journey will come soon. Although it is difficult, you will succeed if you do it. Come on!