Factors affecting the pros and cons of electronic universal testing machine

The ball screw, sensor, motor, software and hardware, and transmission system of the electronic universal testing machine are important parts of the testing machine. These five factors play a decisive role in how to choose a high-quality testing machine.

1. Ball screw: The screw currently used in the electronic universal testing machine includes a ball screw and a trapezoidal screw. Generally speaking, the clearance of the trapezoidal screw is relatively large, the friction force is relatively large, and the service life is short. At present, some manufacturers in the market will use trapezoidal screws instead of ball screws in order to save costs and obtain greater profits.

2. Sensor: The sensor is an important part of the accuracy and force measurement stability of the testing machine. The types of electronic universal testing machine sensors currently on the market include S type and spoke type. The accuracy of the internal resistance strain gauge of the sensor is not high, the glue used to fix the strain gauge, the poor anti-aging ability, and the bad material of the sensor will all affect the accuracy of the sensor.

3. Testing machine motor: The high-quality electronic universal testing machine motor adopts AC servo speed control system, AC servo motor, stable and reliable performance, with over-current, over-voltage, overload and other protection devices. At present, there is also an electronic universal testing machine on the market that uses ordinary three-phase motors or variable frequency motors. This kind of motor uses analog signal control, which has slow control response and inaccurate positioning. Generally, the speed range is narrow and high speed is not low speed or low speed. There is no high speed, and the speed control is not accurate.

4. Software and hardware: The high-quality electronic universal testing machine uses a brand computer, and the control system software is the operating system platform. It has the characteristics of fast running speed, mild interface and simple operation, which can meet the test and measurement needs of different materials. It can be based on national standards. International standards or industry standards measure the physical properties of various materials.

5. Transmission system: There are two main types of transmission parts of the electronic universal testing machine. One is the arc synchronous gear belt and the precision screw pair transmission; the other is the ordinary belt transmission. The first transmission mode has stable transmission, low noise, high transmission efficiency, high precision and long service life. The second transmission mode cannot guarantee the synchronization of the transmission, so the accuracy and stability are not as good as the first transmission system.