Economical Tensile Testing Machine---HD-B602


Today Product Recommendation Is Economical Tensile Testing Machine----HD-B602



Economical Tensile Testing Machine is especially used for button for clothing, toys or other products pull test with specified grip and also can be used for tape, paper, film tensile test with related tensile clamp. wire tension, compression, bending, shear, peel, tear, extending two (need to reprovision extensometer meter) and other tests.and designed and manufactured according to GB 17200

Product Features:
1, using high-quality motor, low noise and precise control; microcomputer control, small size, high accuracy, high reliability, easy to learn, easy to operate, fast speed test
2, large-screen LCD, Chinese menu. During the test, real-time display drawing time, load tension; tensile curve can be displayed
3, thermal printer, low noise, clearer
4, the direct measurement results obtained: After completing a series of tests, can easily print directly display the measurement results and statistical reports, including the mean, standard deviation and coefficient of variation
5, the variable sample size and tensile speed: commonly used standard size sample directly to a predetermined speed tensile test, also with the circumstances so require, set the appropriate drawing speed, change the length and width of the sample test
6, high-speed and high-speed computer chip sampling module ensures real-time measurement data (maximum force is not lost)
7, data communication: the instrument has a standard serial RS232 interface that provides data communications to the host computer comprehensive reporting system.

8, automatic shutdown: Test pull off automatically shut down, and keep the power peak, convenient viewing depending on the test results, it can be configured in four different sizes of the force sensor value


Item Description
Max. Force 50 kg (500N)
Load cell China brand load cell
Control system Controller with LED
Motor Adjustable-speed motor, ball screw rod
Force reading  KG/N/LB
Stoke 700mm including fixture
Load cell Resolution 1/100,000
Load Precision within1%
Test speed 50~300mm/min (adjustable by rotary knob)
Data display Max. break force
Safety features Over-load protection
Upper and lower limit switches
Load sensor with automatic retreat

1. Deformation under defined load: Test deformation under defined load of tested sample
2. Load under defined deformation: Test load under defined deformation of tested sample
3. Software can issue report with results for max. force, elongation, tensile strength, peel strength, tear strength, compression strength, etc.
      4.1. Tensile Test
         2. Compression Test
         3. Peel Test
         4. Bend Test
         5. Tear Test
         6. Shear Test
         7. and customizable test properties