Do you know why the universal testing machine produces errors

The universal testing machine control system is a system that controls the operation of the testing machine. People can control the operation of the testing machine through computer operation, and can obtain the status of the testing machine and various test parameters through the computer display screen. It can also realize the function and data processing analysis through the computer, and print the test results. Today I will introduce to you why the universal testing machine produces errors, let's take a look.

The communication between the tester and the computer is usually transmitted through a multi-function USB interface. It communicates through the serial port (COM port) on the back of the computer. Chongqing Cancer Hospital The technology is mature, reliable and easy to use. Computer software is used to collect and process analysis data. After entering the test interface, the computer will continuously collect various test data, draw test curves in real time, and automatically print test result parameters and curve reports.

1. Random error of universal testing machine: That is, under the same conditions, if the same parameter is repeatedly measured for many times, the measured value obtained cannot be completely the same.


①During the test, the change of friction in the testing machine

② Changes in environmental humidity, etc.

2. Negligence error: the error caused by the error in the test work, negligence and other reasons. This kind of error is irregular and can be avoided by checking the other party repeatedly.

Cause: The electronic universal testing machine has a wrong operation, the tester reads the wrong number, and writes the wrong decimal point when recording.

3. System error of universal testing machine: the error of maintaining a certain value or a certain regular change. Systematic errors are regular, and this regularity is reflected in every specific experiment. If this regularity is found, it can be corrected.


1 When the resistance strain gauge measures strain, the error of the coefficient on the instrument panel.

2 The universal testing machine shows inaccurate values, and the measured force value is always too large or too small.