Calibration method and use standard of electronic universal testing machine

The electronic universal testing machine can test rubber, plastic, leather, metal, nylon thread, fabric, paper and aviation, packaging, construction, vehicles, etc. materials, and can perform tensile test, pressure test, peel test, tear test, Shear bending test. Today, the editor will tell you about the calibration method and use standard of the electronic universal testing machine. Let's take a look.

1. Calibration method of electronic universal testing machine

1. Items to be corrected: force value, stroke

2. Tools required for calibration: standard weights, electronic stopwatches and standard steel rulers

3. Calibration period: one year

4. Correction pace

(1) Unit conversion: 1kgf=9.80665 Newton

(2) The microcomputer controls all data in the computer to zero, and the digital display controls all data in the control panel to zero. Hang the standard weight quietly on the fixture, record the displayed force value, and calculate the difference between the standard weight and the standard weight, and the error should not exceed the rule error value of the universal testing machine.

5. Test speed correction:

(1) Start the stopwatch of the testing machine to initially count one minute, the timing is stopped, and the testing machine stops by itself. According to the time of the stopwatch, record the fixture stroke value as the speed per minute (mm/min), observe the difference between the fixture stroke value and the straight steel ruler, adjust the speed setting appropriately, and restart the testing machine to measure the accurate value , And calculate the travel error value of the fixture, which should not exceed the rule error. Material testing machine calibration method;

(2) First record the position of the fixture under the testing machine, and set the correction speed on the software. A standard straight steel ruler is also used to measure the stroke of the lower fixture.

2. Standards for the use of electronic universal testing machines

1. The main machine of this equipment adopts a floor-standing frame structure, which has the characteristics of high strength and small deformation, and the appearance is also quite beautiful and generous.

2. Our company's electronic universal testing machine uses Taiwan's ABBA high-precision ball screw, so it has perfect stability.

3. The load sensor of the electronic universal testing machine is selected from the United States, which has the advantage of high measurement accuracy and minimizes the error.

4. The transmission part of the equipment adopts the circular arc tooth synchronous transmission mode, and the transmission process can be carried out in a two-way mode without backlash.

6. The fixture of the electronic universal testing machine has been specially designed, which is very firm and very convenient to operate.

Mechanical equipment is essentially the same. Only by mastering the correct methods for the coordinated operation of different components can the entire experimental process be smoother and the experimental data more accurate. The above is the introduction of the calibration method and standard of the electronic universal testing machine. I hope it can help you. If you have any other questions, please contact us.