Adhesive Tape Test Machine For The Performance Of Tape

Tape is a character that can be seen everywhere in our daily life, you will find its figure everywhere, in shops, in supermarkets, at home, in offices, in schools ... But you know it is coming Have you experienced anything before? Today, let's talk about the story of a roll of tape.

It was born in the hands of every manufacturer specializing in the production of adhesive tape.

Quality inspection and testing: This stage is a difficult period for them. The testing is very strict and ruthless. Any small test that fails will face the risk of being discarded; see what strict tests are available!

Retention test under different environments and humidity: used to detect its sticking time.
  90 °, 180 ° peel test, T-type peel test, ring stick peel test: used to test its peel force and peel strength.

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